To sous vide or not sous vide?

Sous vide cooking has never been more popular and is being championed by top chefs as well as amateur cooks worldwide. The term ‘sous vide’ translates as ‘under vacuum’ and for those a of you who are unfamiliar with this, sous vide is a method of cooking food (often meat) in an air -tight sealed bag (hence the term under vacuum) in a temperature controlled water bath. The idea being fail safe perfectly cooked food every time. So how does it work? You place your chosen product in a vacuum bag, let’s take a fillet of beef for example, add your chosen herb or flavouring then seal it with a vacuum machine. Set your water bath/circulator to the correct temperature (in this case 56 degrees for medium rare beef,) drop the beef in the water bath.  All you need to do now is wait for the meat to reach the

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Swaledale Foods

I have recently been purchasing my meat from Swaledale Foods. They are a small collaboration of chefs & butchers based in Yorkshire with a total dedication to supplying exceptional native breed meat, taking time to consider breed, feed, length of time ageing & butchery techniques. Swaledale work with a selection of small farms in the Yorkshire Dales who are passionate about their craft. Their farms rear traditional breeds (which at one time were becoming forgotten due an increase of commercial farming) which take longer to mature. Their cattle for example are generally 4-6 years old whereas commercial animals can be a young 14 months. Beef breeds include the rugged striped Belted Galloway, the shaggy orange coated Highland & the smaller Celtic beauty the Dexter. These traditional breeds are ideally suited to our climate & terrain especially the Belted Galloway & highland who can remain outdoors on the moors all year

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